Tree Pruning  "The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”- John Muir.

Boise Tree Pruning

Dedicated Services in the Treasure Valley to Keep Your Trees Beautiful

Ensuring your trees are properly maintained is extremely important to their overall health. At Healthy Tree Service, our team brings extensive experience and knowledge to ensure that you are getting the most out of your trees! Our Boise tree pruning specialists promise fair pricing and quality work with best-in-class safety – all backed by excellent customer service.

To find out what your trees need to be happy and healthy, call us at (208) 914-6901 today and schedule your free estimate for tree pruning in Boise, Eagle, Canyon County, Meridian, or Nampa.

Why Is Pruning Necessary?

Just as you go to the doctor for checkups or your car goes to the mechanic for tune-ups, routine preventative maintenance for your trees are an excellent way to encourage health and longevity.

Benefits of Regular Professional Pruning and Maintenance:

  • Extend life of trees
  • Re-direct growth to healthy parts of the tree
  • Control spread of disease and infestation
  • Reduce storm damage risk/keep people and structures safe
  • Open up yard and ground vegetation to more sunlight
  • Improve natural air flow
  • Increase home value

Is It Time to Prune My Trees?

One of the easiest indicators that your trees are in need of maintenance is that you don’t remember the last time they received it. Though trees often do not require pruning more than once every few years, it is important to establish a baseline and be certain they are getting the care they need. From there, our Boise tree pruning experts can work with you to set up a maintenance routine that is tailored to your trees’ unique requirements.

Look for these signs that indicate your trees need pruning:

  • Does the upper part of tree, or canopy, looks crowded indicating that there are potential structural weaknesses that need to be addressed?
  • Are there dead limbs or branches with no leaves or needles?
  • Are there longer limbs extending beyond the canopy that look like they could break off?
  • Are limbs resting on your roof or other structures?

These conditions all have the potential to inhibit healthy tree growth.

To promote healthy trees that can provide shade, and beauty for generations to come, reach out to our Boise tree pruning specialists today!

Our Reviews

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Values We Stand Behind!

"Friendship is a sheltering tree." - Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  • Professional Care

    Our team has the knowledge, training and experience necessary to give you quality results.

  • Solution Driven

    We stand behind our work and always provide the best solutions for your tree's health.

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    Our staff will educate our customers with the information to make the right decisions to ensure the long term health of your trees.

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    We promise fair pricing, quality work and best-in-class safety all backed by great customer service.

Emergency Services Available 

Our team is available for emergency tree services. Contact our reliable tree professionals to get help today.